Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls night in!

Every few weeks/once a month, a group of my girlfriends in the area try to get together at someone's house.  It's a great, easy, relaxing, inexpensive and comfortable way for us to see each other and catch up.  Everyone brings something to eat and drink and we gab and laugh and tell stories and laugh and catch up and laugh for several hours.  This spring has been crazy full of weddings (May 21 and July 9), showers, birthdays, baptisms and bachelorette parties, so we haven't had our 'traditional' low-key girls nights in a while.  I offered to host our most recent one last week, and it was (as always) great fun.
You can tell it's summer with all of the Pinot Grigios that the girls brought

So many yummy dips!

I made a delicious bruschetta with crispy ciabatta bread - I can't seem to get enough of the wonderful ripe tomatoes lately! 

New this time, I had all of the girls bring books that they've recently read to share.  While I found that some girls don't actually read books, others do - and we had a great collection to trade!

Also, as our group continues to grow, we have a new squirmy addition to the evenings!  Friend Hillary brought adorable 11mo old Chase with her.  He was so cute in his pjs, snuggling here with Auntie Kristin.

As always, so looking forward to our next girls night.  It's a great time for us to recap what's going on in each others lives, fun summer trips we're taking, who's dating what new boy, what funny things has the baby done, and just be girls together.

What do you do with your girlfriends when you get together?

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  1. Girls night! I want to come next time! Looks like you ladies had a great night :)