Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DC rooftop wedding!

During our tiling adventure weekend, we were lucky to have a great excuse for a break Saturday night.  Our neighbors, who've become some of our closest friends in DC, got married downtown last weekend!  They were married in the City View room in the GWU's International School building right at E and 18th Streets.  The view was beautiful and the evening perfect.

The ceremony was in a great spot - on the shady side of the building and just in time for the heat to calm down a bit.  They wanted the evening to be a casual, fun celebration, so they had the cocktail hour before the ceremony!

The beautiful bride and her mother both were a little teary as they made their way down the aisle!

Photo taken by Kevin Homan

It was a beautiful and fun evening with friends, celebrating our neighbors' marriage!  The view was gorgeous, and the space perfect for what they wanted.  With the original plan to get married on the beach in Hawaii with a very small gathering, I think they were happy to be surrounded by friends and more importantly, family, on this special day.

Congratulations Jeff and MK!


  1. Amazing rooftop wedding! Seems everyone had enjoyed the day to fullest. Well I am doing arrangements for my sister’s wedding and this idea of rooftop wedding will be exciting. Have booked NYC wedding venues for pre wedding dinner party and going to ask them for rooftop wedding for the day.