Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend plans

So, while most Americans will be spending their 4th of July holiday having cookouts, going to the beach, and setting off illegal fireworks, husband and I will be working on our house.

Photo from Sac Chef blog

Today we spent 6 hours and about $1,000 at Lowes, Home Depot, and the Tile Shop.  

We have big plans.

New lights in the hallways on the bottom and top levels.

New screen door out to the deck.

Painting the front and back door and back windows and filling the holes left behind when the last resident moved out (4 years ago).  Oh, and the windows in the kitchen.

Filling, sanding, and painting the mess left behind after we removed the 'bar' in the kitchen this morning in preparation for new granite.  (NEW GRANITE!!!)

Demoing the current white laminate countertops in preparation for new granite.  (NEW GRANITE!!!)

Installing dishwasher that's been in the basement since December.   

Changing out the ugly sconces in the dining room for new ones.

Meeting with an electrician/handy man about recessed lights in the kitchen.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on all of the trim on the first floor.  

Replacing all electrical plugs on the main level.  

Repotting some house plants and fixing the plants in the tall metal stand on the deck.  

Fixing the toilet in the office/husband's bathroom.

Yeah, I think that about covers it.  If there's time, we'll remove all of the kitchen cabinets and begin to prepare them to be repainted.

We are doing something patriotic!  We are going to a couple of Nationals games this weekend, which is our 4th of July tradition!  

July 4, 2009
And we tried to buy a flag pole to hang one of the 3 American flags we have...but it won't work.  With any of them.  Back to Lowes we go!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend and 4th of July holiday!!  

God Bless America!

Photo from Fishbowl DC

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  1. Whoa -- I'm exhausted just reading that!! If you need an ice cream break, just let me know -- I'm always up for ice cream these days... ;)