Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another weekend, another paint project

Last weekend, I got out the white paint and set to cover up some of the wood in the house.  We have beautiful wood floors on the main level, but it has a little bit of a dated feel too it...especially the stairs.  So I painted all of the risers and the 2 spindles that were wood.  I have plans to come back and paint the railings black, but that's for another day.

Here are the befores from before we moved in: took 4 coats of Behr's paint and primer in one in semi-gloss. 

And finished!

Someone was tired of being blocked from the stairs all day!

The 2 banisters actually took 5 coats....but it was totally worth it.

Such a difference!  Much lighter and more modern looking.  I can't wait to get the railings painted soon, too!