Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guess what we got on Friday!

Can you guess?!



Did I mention last week at all that it was coming?!

So.  Before that could happen, we had some other projects to finish.  First, install the dishwasher.  Or at least get it ready to be installed...

So pretty!  Husband's really been impressive during all of these projects - removed everything and then reinstalled them himself.  Google, YouTube, and have all been very helpful!

We had finished fixing the holes and drywall that were left behind when the back splashes were removed.  So we needed to just throw a quick layer of primer on just to seal everything together. 

READY!  And the week of using the powder room sink and cooking dinner without counters was plenty long enough...

The guys from Pyramid Granite were great.  They got there early (when does that actually happen?!) and were finished in under 2 hours.  The bar was originally too big, so they even did some trimming on site.   They had to add in an extra 2x4 bar of support behind the sink area and dishwasher, and then another whole board on the left side of the dishwasher.  It actually was perfect, because there was a bit too much space between the dishwasher and the cabinet.  Once we get a good layer of wood putty and paint on it, it'll look like it was meant for the space.

Granite is finally in!  I am still a little in shock that we actually have granite, after talking about it for 4 years.

We went with the color Black Pearl.  Our second choice was Absolute Black, but this one has a little more specks in it.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but it'll really pull out the stainless and the tile that we're putting in next.  

The under mount sink is more exciting than it probably should be.  I can't wait to not have that ceramic sink that we are always breaking things on, and not have the above counter ridge around the sink.  

Now that it's in, the real fun begins.  The weekend was spent tiling the entire backsplash, installing the faucet and finally getting the dishwasher connected.  

But you'll just have to wait to see those pictures!  I know...the suspense is killing you!  But just sit tight ;)


  1. It looks amazing Lindsey! Love the black pearl granite. It really compliments the stainless and the blue you've used on your walls! Excited to see the tile go in!

  2. Love the new kitchen pics! I need to come see it in person!

  3. I can't wait to see the final product.