Monday, December 6, 2010

3 out of 4 ain't bad

What a weekend it has been!  We went into the weekend with ugly old white appliances and came out with 3 beautiful new stainless ones!  The oven and microwave were to be delivered on Friday...I say that because only one was actually delivered.  After hours of waiting around and another couple of hours on the phone on hold, it was evident that the stove would have to wait.  But the GE guys from Home Depot did bring the microwave!  They were wonderful, definitely the best delivery people of the weekend.

On top of appliance delivery, this weekend we had our contractor here building a new cabinet in the living room, as well as lots of other little projects around the house.  I am the proud owner of lots of stuff...including quite a platter and serving dish collection.  Now I have lots more storage for them all!

                                               and after!

Sunday started bright and early with a fridge clean up and out.  4 coolers later everything was packed, the photos were removed, and we were waiting.  Before 10am, we had the most beautiful fridge ever installed.  Because of the very small space we have, there were only 3 options of bottom freezer refrigerators - a GE, LG double door and Whirlpool.  Based on Consumer Reports reviews and ratings, we went with the Whirlpool model.  With a great pre-black Friday deal, we ordered it!  It's wonderful.  It opens to the left, which is something our old one didn't do.  It's shiny and clean and big (even at 18.5 cu ft) and has lots of magnetic space on the side for my babies and wedding announcements!!

Matt had to put the beer in first...look how big and pretty!

So.  The 1 of the 4 that didn't work out so well is the dishwasher.  The hardwoods were installed after the dishwasher, blocking it from being removed.  Matt, our neighbor, the contractor, and appliance delivery guys all said we could either cut the floor or remove the counters.  Luckily we're planning on doing the countertops in the spring, so the pretty new dishwasher will just have to wait.

But 3 out of 4 ain't bad!

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