Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kitchen! Stage 1

After years of living in our house with ugly white laminate countertops and awful white appliances, we've finally decided to make a change. 

It's now more of a blue color (called homestead green from Benjamin Moore)

I'm not sure what my contractor friend said to my husband last Sunday, but by that evening we were shopping for new appliances.  What great timing, too, with Black Friday just a week away!  Lots of internet shopping, trips to the usual places (Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, HH Gregg), comparing prices, models, measuring...and we've purchased all 4!  We have a tiny space for our fridge, so only had 3 choices with a bottom freezer - GE, LG, and Whirlpool.  Price and consumer reports made this an easy decision - we went with Whirlpool Gold from Sears.  Next was a dishwasher.  GE has a great clean front model that has recently been discountinued, so we got a great deal on this at Sears.  Then came the range.  After spending the day at my parents with their wonderful double ovens on Thanksgiving, that made the decision easy - double oven range it was!  Luckily for me (and our budget), HH Gregg had one on sale for Black Friday, several hundred dollars off!  Up at 315am, in line and in the door at 4am we had our oven!  We went with a Whirpool model - we figured it had to be a special Black Friday one because it was a great price.  The microwave went last - quick, easy GE with the express cook buttons - a must.  Now, we wait.  The dishwasher is in a box in my dining room, it came early...the others will be delivered this weekend.  Just in time for the holidays, especially perfect since we'll be hosting the family for Christmas for the first time!

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