Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Safety first.

Today's post is my public service safety advice.  I thought this was something that everyone (especially us safety concious women) would know, but it amazes me how many people still do this.

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GPS.  We all have one (well, except my mom, who still prints out Google Maps), especially up here in the DC area.  Whether it's integrated in your car, you have a portable Garmin or TomTom, or use your iPhone/Droid, most of us use our GPS system around town.  And most of us have a "HOME" address saved.

You should NEVER use your actual address as the "HOME" saved location.  If a thief steals your keys, and jumps in the car, turns the GPS on and pushes home, it'll take him straight to your HOUSE!  And, most likely your car key and house key are on the same keychain, so now he's sitting at your door, with your house keys, and knows you're not home. 

I have my "home" address set as a major intersection just down the street from my neighborhood.  I usually only use the home button when I'm downtown anyway, just to get me going towards northern Virginia, then I know the rest of the way - so there's no need to have my exact address programed in. 

Please - today - change your "home" address in your car, your husband's car, your parents' cars - to a public place or major intersection.  You don't want to give a bad guy turn by turn directions to your house!


  1. This a great post! I, like your mom, am one of the few to still NOT have GPS, and still use my "trusty" google maps. But, I can totally see myself naming my address as "home." Good call!

  2. We did this back when we first got our GPS. However, the bad news is, if a thief really wants to find your house, all they need to do is open your glove compartment and read your registration. Your address is there to, and with a GPS they can still plug it in. A more important thing to do is to never leave your GPS in your car if you have a portable one. Simply slip it in your purse along with your keys or take it into your house each night. Thieves these days specifically target cars with a visible portable GPS. They'll think nothing of breaking a window to steal it and maybe some other things along with it. Keep it with you at all times, and your car won't be an easy target.

  3. I agree with Heather. The registration gives the address and every smartphone has a navigation app. If a thief wants to get in - they will. Better advice, if your car gets stolen, immediately call the local police and have them monitor your house. Change the locks and don't forget about the garage remote that is programmed in your car.

  4. Well, registration or not - you want to make it more difficult for them to get to you. When I get in my car, my GPS turns on immediately...and to find the registration, you have to do some digging. You want to do things to make it more difficult for the bad guys! I agree with Lindsey!