Monday, August 1, 2011

Put me in Coach!

Our alumni chapter has had a softball team for the last few years, and I've been dubbed the head cheerleader.  I'm just not the softball type.  I go to several games a year, I cheer, I take pictures, and I hang out at the bar afterwards, but I don't play.

Until now.

I have always told the coaches that I'd come and play an inning if they needed me to - the rules of the league we're in require a certain number of girls playing at all times or you take a forfeit.  Well, being a team player and not wanting that to happen, the time finally came after 4 years of cheering the team on to suit up.  Once arriving, I got a couple of quick lessons on batting, catching, and what happens if I get on base.  When I say I've never played softball before, I wasn't kidding.

So I played catcher...and even caught a foul ball for an out!

I batted...and got on base twice because I was walked...and swung and missed a few times, too...and entertained the team with my golf swing-esc attempts...

And overall had a great time!  After each game, the Coach and Captain award the MVP of the game.  They present an Elon baseball batting helmet to the MVP, who autographs it and then is required to wear it to the bar for (most of) the rest of the night.  Yep.  You guessed it...

My friends awarded the MVP of that night's game to me...for my softball debut.

I proudly wore my helmet for (most of) the rest of the night, and answered all of the stupid comments from players on the other teams who also go to the bar afterwards.

Coach and MVP
It was great fun to 'suit up' and play with the team.  At least I can say that I played softball in DC in the summer on the grounds of the Washington Monument.  But, I do think I'm better suited to be the Head Cheerleader.  I'll be resuming my role next weekend at the 15th annual Capital Alumni Network Softball Tournament.


  1. Too funny! A) How cool is it to play softball, or to be able to hang out at/near the Washington Monument on a regular basis, B) even if you've never played, you looked good trying! ;) Great post!

  2. I love it! Way to be a great team player, Linds!