Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy spring weekend

This spring has been even busier that most with so many special events!  Weddings, showers, baptisms, races...so many fun things going on.  Last weekend was especially packed.  First, it was National Committee weekend at work - and I was hosting a committee for the first time.  My team at work put together a 'Corporate Relations Task Force' this year.  We've had our Corporate Advantage Partnership Program going now since 2007, started an affiliate program about 1.5 years ago, and moved back to our own show after parterning with the Golf Industry Show for the last 4 years.  We wanted to put together a group of members from across the country to get their feedback on everything.  The meeting went extremely well - we had about 12 members come to DC for the meeting, and we really learned a lot about what we've done well and put together some good action items for us to improve on.

After a Friday night dinner and early Saturday morning meetings, I rushed home to pick up the husband.  That afternoon was his cousin Cheri's wedding down in Madison, VA, about 2 hours away.  It was a small wedding reception at the American Legion lodge.  The ceremony was private, so we didn't attend that - it was just immediate family up on a mountain.  The reception was nice - small and intimate.  It was nice to see the cousins Cheri and Kelly, Kelly's husband Matt and baby Sarah, as we haven't seen them since Kelly and Matt's wedding a couple of years ago.  And we got to meet Sarah!

Congratulations Cheri and Kris!

After the wedding, we drove back to Arlington as I was changing clothes in the car.  A good friend of mine, Jenna, was celebrating her upcoming wedding with her shower and bachelorette party that day!  While I had to miss the shower, I wasn't going to miss all of the fun!  I met the girls out at Restaurant 3 in Arlington.  We went to Eleventh Street and Ri Ra to round out the crazy evening.  The band TAG was at Ri Ra and they were so fun, playing lots of great music that we danced to!

Now, to some, that might seem like a busy enough weekend.  But not to us!  We slept fast and hopped  crawled out of bed on Sunday morning for another friends' special event - the baptism of their baby boy!  With coffee in hand, we drove out to Leesburg for the special service.  The church is beautiful, and is where the couple was married in 2007.

Chase with his ladies

Proud parents with the guest of honor

Cutie Chase with his adorable cousin Lucy

Husband and I managed to run some errands Sunday afternoon...and then we crashed.  It was a great weekend, celebrating so many wonderful occasions with our friends.  It's going to be a busy month - lots more weddings and events to attend!  We are so blessed to have such great friends who want us to share in their special days with them!

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