Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beautiful beach wedding

Our trip to the beach wasn't just for fun, it was for a wedding!

Saturday evening we headed over to Nags Head and pulled up at this adorable dark brown wood beach house, walked around the beautiful wrap around deck, and looked out onto this...

 Isn't it just perfect?  I'd never been to a beach wedding before, and this one is going to be hard to beat.  It was so comfortable and casual.  We had to pose for some pre-ceremony group photos...

Before we made our way to our seats...

The groom was so excited, and just grinning while he was waiting for his bride.

And here she comes!  It was so beautiful.  I love the house in the background.  The house has been in the groom's family for about 100 years - it was so special to the family to have the wedding right there!

Her dress was perfect.  It flowed in the breeze so beautifully.  The one shoulder was so different, I loved it.  

It was a lovely ceremony, short and to the point!  They did the sand pouring, as you can see on the table, which was so fitting with the beach, and they had one reading.  It was very personal and sweet.

And then it was time for the party to get started!!

This was the view from the deck.  It was such a wonderful intimate wedding!

Congratulations Matt and Jenna!!

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