Thursday, June 2, 2011

OBX weekend

Two weeks ago we packed up the 4runner with beach chairs, full coolers and brightly colored towels and hit the road, Starbucks in hand, driving south to North Carolina.  When we were getting pretty close, we stopped at Morris Farm to pick up some fresh veggies.  It must have still been a little early because their produce selection was a little low.  But we found several things to take with us - watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, bloody mary mix, and a delicious balsamic blue cheese with walnut dressing.  I got 3 bottles, one for us and one each for my mom and mother-in-law.  I found this last time we were down there and it's so good, I'm excited to have a new bottle!

We checked into our time share and headed to the beach.  After a couple of beach hours, stop at Harris Teeter, and quick showers, we headed to Awful Arthur's for dinner.  Since it was Thursday, and still a little before the real season started, we only had about a 45 minute wait.  We made a pit stop upstairs at the bar while we waited, had a drink and admired the view...

We decided to order a couple of different things and share.  We got their Old Bay steamed shrimp, clams, and a great mixed plate.  It had grilled scallops, fried oysters, fried shrimp, roasted potatoes and hush puppies.  It was MK's first experience with hush puppies - she had never even heard of them!  Dinner was great - a little fried, a little steamed - it was a great idea to share!  I even ate a couple of oysters!

Friday morning we were up and at'em on the beach early!  We were waiting for MK's fiance to come into town - a couple of our girlfriends were driving him down from Norfolk.  The minute he arrived, we headed over to Pigman's for lunch.  It's one of my favorite Outer Banks' spots.  Jeff got ribs, MK and I got the regular sandwich and Husband got the jumbo sandwich.  Fries, sweet potato fries and more hush puppies came with lunch.  And sweet tea.  Of course, sweet tea.  Ah, Carolina....anyway.  Back to the beach for the afternoon - it was a perfect day but the water was freezing.  Once we felt like we'd had enough, we cleaned up and headed to the Black Pelican for dinner.  Again - season hadn't quite started so the quick 20 minute wait was just enough time for a few pictures!

Dinner was again delicious.  It is just so fresh at the beach!  We got the spinach salad and shared it - It was amazing.  Spinach, roasted tomatoes, garlic croutons, goat cheese, and a warm mushroom bacon vinaigrette.  Oh yes.  Then we also shared the Black Pelican pizza - it had shrimp, Andouille sausage, scallions and sweet peppers on it.  Then we also got some steamed shrimp and veggie medley.  Jeff got this huge bucket o'seafood, which looked great too.  Everyone raved about their dinner.

We headed over to Mama Kwan's after dinner to meet up with the Bride, Groom, and other friends who were in town for the wedding.  They had these amazing frozen parrot drinks.  I sent H to the bar for a beer...and we ended up with these!

I'm typically a beer and wine girl, and rarely drink fancy drinks.  And I still have no idea what these were (it doesn't say on their website) but they were delicious.  Maybe the best frozen fancy drink I've ever had.  

And we got to keep the parrot mugs!  

The Bride and Groom on the night before their big day!
Saturday morning we were up and on the beach around 10:30...ready for another beautiful day.  It was a little warmer, as was the water.  We planned ahead and packed sandwiches, so we could stay until we needed to get ready for the wedding - we headed in around 3.  It was just warm enough that we all got in the water - even me - for a refreshing swim or 2.  There was a decent crowd on the beach, but not too crowded - lots of locals.  And lots of dogs!  We met one adorable collie-lab mix who loved playing fetch in the water.  We played with her for a while!

I love the Outer had been a couple of years since our last trip down, so it was really nice to be back again.  And, what a great excuse for a trip to the beach but a wedding!


  1. Frozen parrot mugs... Let me know how you feel about them when you "need" to pack them for a move.


  2. Looks like an awesome trip! I can't imagine not even knowing what a hush puppy is, much less never having one. So glad y'all remedied that. Hope you have a wonderful summer, looks like you started it off well!