Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chic city wedding!

On Memorial Day Friday, we got all dressed up and headed downtown to celebrate my friend Lisa's wedding.  She was my suitemate during my sophomore year of college, and then we were roommates for a year before I got married. 

Lisa met her new husband Eric in an elevator.  When we lived in Arlington, we lived in apartment 1300 - and he lived on the same floor on the exact opposite side of the building - our balconies looked at each other!  They met one weekend night riding up in the elevator together!  And who says 13 isn't lucky?!

The wedding was at the Omni Shoreham up in the Woodly Park area of DC, and the setting was absolutely stunning.

The wedding, photos and cocktail hour was in perfect timing, because some major storms were moving into the area - just in time for us to move inside for dinner.

The wedding cake was a perfect copy of her parents' cake, including the same topper.  There were pictures on the table of her parents' wedding - it was really a special touch.

The father daughter dance was the hit of the night.  They started out all nice and slow, and then broke into difference dances.  They had 4 all together, including the Twist and salsa dancing, since she's Argentinian. 

It was a great night getting to see old college friends again, and celebrating!

Congratulations Eric and Lisa!!

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  1. Thanks for writing such a nice post about my wedding Linds! I sent it to Mamma Diaz and she loved it!