Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

*With all of the attention this post got today, I felt that the iPhone, lazy photo of the final product didn't do it justice...so I've added a few more pictures!*

Going to get our Christmas tree is quite the family affair.  

When M and I got married, one of our first compromises was about the Christmas tree.  He used to get the 'fluffy ones' - I have no idea what kind of tree it was, but it was fluffy...not very good for hanging ornaments.  And to that point, the only ornaments he had on the tree was gold and red balls.  Not very creative...

And I would go to the easiest, closest tree stand and just pick one up that wasn't too big or too tall.

So our first Christmas together, I wasn't into the fluffy trees and he wasn't into just picking one up on the side of the street....

Enter Snickers Gap.

Each year, we take a weekend day early in December, bundle up and head west.  About an hour from our house, on Rt 7 just before you go across the mountain is Snickers Gap.  This family owned farm has been growing Christmas trees for over 30 years.  

Cady of course goes, and loves racing around through the trees.  She's a good helper! 

Once we've found a good one and determined that it will fit in the living room, it's time to cut it down! 

The we strap the pup up and she helps M pull it down the hill to the barn!  Everyone gets a big kick out of this, because she's really into helping pull it. 

Once we got the tree home and in the living room, we got right to it took us a week to get around to decorating it. Finally the following weekend, at about 11pm Saturday night, we poured ourselves a glass of wine and turned on the Pandora Christmas stations.  We got out the garland and all of our favorite ornaments...including some gold and red balls.  

While I hem and haw over driving so far to get our tree, I do have to admit (M, paying attention?) that it's a fun tradition.  And one that I'm sure we will continue for years to come!


  1. What a beautiful tree and your dog is just lovely! Happy Christmas an you both,
    much love, Barbara

  2. Pretty! Love your tree, Lindsey! (And how fun that y'all go to a Christmas tree farm -- we just pick ours up at Home Depot) :)

  3. Beautiful tree! Just needs a few icicles here and there. . . . . want me to bring some?!?

  4. Your tree is beautiful and Cady is adorable !!