Monday, December 5, 2011

Cashions Eat Place

Living Social and Groupon have definitely been a welcome addition to our life here in DC - restaurants, activities, stores, and more at a greatly discounted price.  But, that said, there have definitely been times where we've bought one with the best of intentions and months to use it...and we find ourselves remembering it a week (or month) too late.

In an attempt to use a deal that was expiring, a few weeks ago M and I ventured into Adams Morgan for dinner.  Going downtown on a Friday night for dinner is not unusual for us...but going into Adams Morgan is.  I can't remember the last time we were up there, except for a bachelorette brunch at Perry's over the summer.

When the Cashion's Eat Place deal came out, I was a little hesitant...I didn't really know much about the restaurant and was worried we wouldn't get up there and yet another would go unused.  I think because of their casual exterior, I thought it was more of a diner.

Luckily I let M talk me into it, because it was a fantastic evening and dinner!

We had a beautiful little table right up in the window, which was really nice - we could see the whole restaurant!  The waitress was very nice and chatty, but didn't hover.  They have an interesting and accessible wine list - lots of good options and good prices.

We opted for a beautiful Perrin & Fils, excited to find a Cote du Rhone Villages and even more excited that after our Provence wine adventure, we knew what this was! 

We shared the three traditional Greek spreads and the delicious rustic bread - each spread was better than the last.  Then I had the salmon and M had a soup and salad.  Everything was very fresh and just delicious. 

I met and chatted with one of the owners, Justin, who was just delightful.  He was explaining to me all of the amazing photos along the walls and in the restrooms - they are baby pictures and family members of the owners and staff.  What a unique and personal touch!

We really loved Cashions and are so glad we ventured in.  This is one of my favorite new finds, and I can't wait to go back!

And, on that note, Adams Morgan was not nearly as far as we had in our minds - and actually, from VA quite easy to get to!  We recognized the names of lots of restaurants and bars that we'd heard of, but shied away because of their location.  We can't wait to get back up there and check out more new places!

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