Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend snapshots

I'm so behind on posts lately!  Y'all probably think I've gone into hibernation.  But it's actually the opposite...I've been here and there and everywhere and just haven't taken the time to 'document' everything we've been doing...but I'm making a conscious effort to get back to (fairly) regular posts.  I have a few in the can that I need to get up too, like my overseas visitor and weekend jaunt in New Orleans!

But for today - it's a little view of our fun weekend in town.

Friday night we braved the wind and rain to go to dinner at one of our favorites, Cashion's Eat Place.  We had purchased a 6 course and wine pairing tasting menu for a great deal on Gilt City and needed to use it before it expired.  Everything was amazing - food, wine and the staff.  We've got to make a point of getting down there more often!

Saturday morning was picture perfect after the storms had cleared.  I made myself a delicious latte, grabbed a magazine and the pup and enjoyed some quiet time on the deck. 

Saturday afternoon we were back in the city, this time up in Eastern Market.  What a fantastic area!  We walked around a bit, I had no idea what a vibrant neighborhood it was.  We went to Matchbox Capitol Hill for beers, sliders and pizza before the Nats game with some friends.  The game was at 4 and followed by a concert with Big & Rich.  We were starving by the end of everything, so we stopped by Mad Fox in Falls Church on the way home.  They also had a band playing, Virginia based Melodime, who was really great.  

Sunday we had a real treat.  One of my best friends Jen and her husband Ian were in town/the country visiting from Dubai!  They moved overseas almost 2 years ago, and I hadn't seen her since then...it had been even longer since I'd last seen Ian.  Lunch at Coastal Flats was wonderful, but just not long enough.  They're trying to get us to visit Dubai, we might just have to move it up the list!

We ended our busy weekend with some quiet couch time at home.  A small cheese plate and delicious bottle of wine plus a mini-Grey's marathon was just the ticket.  We opened a bottle of Loring Pinot, the first one that we've had since our trip to Santa Barbara in 2010.  It's awesome that some of our older wines (this one's just an '08, so older is relative) are finally ready to drink!

With so many fun summer plans, we won't be home too many weekends for the next couple of months, so it's always nice when we are able to enjoy a fun DC weekend!


  1. In my next life I want to come back as you!

  2. Dubai is amazing!! You need to go! You'll love it!