Monday, January 12, 2015

Quick fireplace paint project

About a year ago, I whitewashed the brick on the fireplace in our living room.  I don't know what it is, but I just haven't been thrilled with the look since then, but wasn't really sure what I wanted to do.  Go all white?  Go black?  Maybe a dark gray?

Over the holidays when catching up on blog reading, one of the blogs I love mentioned painting the INSIDE of the fireplace black.  I had wondered if this was an option, but never really looked into it. 

So I went over to Home Depot and grabbed a couple cans of high heat spray paint.  Once I took out the logs and vacuumed the space, I realized just how gross it was!  I couldn't wait to get it painted.  

I taped off the brick and covered everything around the fireplace in plastic.  I couldn't get the flume open, but figured that wasn't a big I started spraying!  

It went really quickly, and I didn't use 2 full cans.  I will blew a black dust back at me, which coated the floor all around me!  Ah!  Much like when we had the kitchen island spray painted...

You can see it all over the clear plastic in the photo above.  I noticed about halfway through, so we cleaned it all up and then covered a lot more with a plastic drop cloth.  It was definitely messier than I anticipated.  But we were able to clean up all of the floors, and it didn't get on the sofa or anything.  So if you attempt this project, be sure to either open the flume and/or cover everything well!  

It looks so much better.  I painted the 2 log holders, too, and I like how they just blend into the back ground and the logs stand out. 

I had originally gotten 4 cans of paint so I could do the basement fireplace, too.  I might be returning the spray cans for regular paint and just slap it up there...I don't want black dust all over the carpet in the basement!

PS - I finally took the 'after' kitchen photos this weekend, so I hope to get a final post about that up this week!

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