Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitchen reno - island part 2

It's been a couple of weeks since the guys installed the island and the new panel has arrived.  The guys installed the new panel, and it looks so much better - there's not a huge gap running down the back of it!  So the painter came back, with the pre-painted doors and molding.  The molding was installed, and the spray painting began.

I'm really glad we opted to put molding around the base and on the 2 legs.  It really gives it a finished, custom, built in look.  

We opted to have the island painted once in the kitchen, and painted with a sprayer to give it a nice, professional finish.  It was a little terrifying for the few minutes he was spraying, as the paint color is navy and the rest of the kitchen is white!

But he had on a white shirt, so that gave me a little bit of comfort...

It just took 2 quick coats, and it was finished!  The sprayer left a fine dust all over the floors and counters, that did come up.  However, I would suggest covering more than we did for peace of mind.  He said that was enough to cover, but we had to bring out the Magic Eraser to get some blue streaks off of the new counters.  So - my tip - if you ever have your cabinets sprayed in the room - cover everything!

Moving right along - now we just need to install the final appliances in the island and put in the final touches, and it's finished!

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