Monday, August 18, 2014

Kitchen reno - island

During the planning process, we decided we wanted to have an accent color on the island.  With a relatively white/gray color scheme, we decided to go with something different on the island.  The color options with Ikea are limited, so we M did some research, and found a cabinet maker called Barker in Oregon to order the island from that could make doors and panels to match the other cabinets.  We ordered the island weeks before construction started, with a plan of it shipping in 5-6 weeks.  Well, 8 weeks later, after some shipping 'challenges' and delays, it finally arrived.  In dozens of pieces, the pallet was delivered to our driveway.  

These are made in the same way as Ikea - assembly required.  So after they arrived Monday morning, that Monday night, we assembled everything for our contractors to install.  

We set everything out, measured the distances around the island, taped some pieces together with bue tape and left it to walk our contractors through our plan the next morning. 

When we got home from work on Tuesday, the island was installed.  And the recessed lights moved...once we got the island in the room, it was even more obvious that the 3 lights along the main wall weren't spaced properly.  Our contractor Steve, while he hesitated at the additional work, agreed that they were off center and we decided to shift them over a bit.  I'm so glad we did this!

The island will house a wine fridge, our trashcans, and drawer microwave.

Once everything was in, we noticed a few spaces between the back panels.  The one space was about 1/8" between the panels, which is very obvious.  We could caulk it, but over time it will expand and crack...

So....the saga continues.  We complained to the cabinet maker, so he's going to send us a new panel.  It should be here in 2 the island is on hold a bit.  It has been primed, and the painter took the doors and trim home to paint while we wait for the panel.  It will be here soon...but at least the island is in, so we were able to measure for the counters and have them installed while we wait, and other items are finished.

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