Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little organization

In my quest to get a bit more organized this year, I knew what project I had to tackle first - my long necklaces.  This has been a big frustration of mine for a while - how do you store them?  I have a nice little clear plastic box that holds all of my short ones, but when the long necklace trend came around, I was in trouble.  For a while, I would drape them over the top of the short necklace holder...but that was messy and hard to get to the ones on the bottom.  Then I tried hanging them on the dresser knobs...but then you couldn't really open the drawers.  I had high hopes of getting a pretty frame and hanging them in there...and that just never happened.  So onto the bathroom door handle they went.  And stayed for a few months...

Until one day a couple of weeks ago.  We were wandering through the Container Store looking for a few other things, and I saw this great hook piece.  It's not pretty or stylish, but it definitely functional!  By that afternoon, it was hanging on the wall in my bathroom and I had all of my long and clunky pieces hanging on it!  

I love having them all organized now.  I feel that I've already worn them more than I had before, simply because I can see what I have!  Such a simple fix but for some reason, took me forever to do. 

Hmmm...what's next?! 


  1. Love it! And I love all of your necklaces!!

  2. I love the necklace organization! That pink necklace is amazing by the way :)