Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snowy day at Sunset Hills Vineyard

About a month ago, a group of friends decided to spend a beautiful fall day at one of the Virigina wineries, Sunset Hills.  We picked a weekend and put it on our calendars. Well, we woke up that morning, bundled up, and headed west...and the farther west we went, the more the roads looked like this...

Snowtober didn't keep us down!  There was fun to be had and wine to drink! 

The facility at Sunset Hills is beautiful.  The main tasting room is a 1870's historic Amish-restored barn.  There's a huge bar in the middle of the lofted room with space all the way around for tastings.  Then there are 2 levels of a loft for full of tables and chairs for people to enjoy.  On nice days, there are patio and picnic spaces all around the building.

This picture below from their website just doesn't do the space justice.  You can see the 2 loft areas, one to the right and one directly above the bar. 

After doing a full tasting (it was $7/each for about 6 or 7 wines), MK and I decided to share a bottle of their Cab Franc.  It was big and bold and perfect for the cold, snowy day!  Our group ran the gamut - one couple shared the Cabernet Sauvignon, one the rose, and another the Sunset Red blend. 

After a couple of hours enjoying the warm, cozy atmosphere, the great company and delicious wines, we said goodbye and trecked back across town...where there wasn't nearly as much snow excitement!

Virginia has some fantastic wineries, and they are such a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of DC life.

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  1. I love rustic looking wineries and this looks right up my alley! I'm definitely going to have to mark it on my ones to see if I ever get out of the NJ/PA "wine country".