Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pittsburgh, Part 2 - the game

The Winter Classic was certainly an amazing experience - one of the coolest sporting events I've ever been to.  The HBO 24/7 definitely helped get us all excited about the game, and provided a great view into both teams leading up to the game.  The pre-game fan area was packed with lots of activities.  Our favorite one was the tent with the players uniforms - it was exciting to try on Ovi's gloves, helmet and shorts...well...husband tried on the shorts...they were a liiittle snug...

When we got into the stadium, we walked straight to our seats to check out the view.  Pretty cool spot, we were in section 141.  The teams were doing their pregame warmups when we first got there.  Then we wanted to walk up to the top of the stadium, just to check it out and see the view from up there.  I think the first row of the upper level, center ice, would have probably been the best seats in the house.  You're high enough to see the entire ice, but not in the rafters. 

The intros were very cool, and the teams came out from right under where we were sitting.  Having the game under the lights, a change from the original schedule because of the weather, was so much better.  The atmosphere, fire at introductions, and fireworks would not have been the same with a 1pm puck drop. 

The fans, for the most part, were very nice.  Maybe about 2/3 of them were as nice as could be - almost southern hospitality nice.  Speaking to us, asking us about our trip and weekend so far, saying how great it was for us to be there, etc.  But...the other 1/3....were horrible.  Absolutely awful.  Cussing every other word...calling us names...and everything in between.

Overall the weekend was great.  Parts of Pittsburgh were awesome, and others...not so much.  (don't ever try to get a cab in's been known to take 2+ hours...)  I really enjoyed traveling for New Year's weekend!  It was something fun and different to do - and I enjoyed being at a 'normal' city - you don't need to go somewhere flashy to have a good time.  Especially when you're with good friends :)

Did I mention it rained?!

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