Friday, September 23, 2011

I love fall!

While it's a cloudy, humid, rainy day here in Northern VA, I'm so glad that it's the first day of fall!

The temperatures are getting cooler, but are still beautiful and crisp.  I love the days that are warm enough to not need a coat, but still have a bit of a cool breeze in the evenings.  The leaves are changing, wine grapes are being harvested, it's football season, and the holidays are on their way.

The summer is wonderful - beaches, umbrellas, cookouts, baseball, sunscreen, flip flops, long days, sunshine - we all love summer.  But fall.  Oh how I love the fall!

It's finally time to pull out beautiful, soft, cozy sweaters and pair them with dark jeans and great boots.  Throw on a hoodie when you're running to the store.  Use the seat warmers in your car!

It's time to snuggle on the couch under a blanket and drink a delicious red wine.

Wait...I do that all year long...anyway...

It's time for all of the great fall activities, especially in this area.  We are close to apple orchards and wineries and there are fun fairs and harvest festivals.  I love spending time outside during the fall, breathing in the crisp air after a summer of humidity.  I love going to football games and tailgating.  Soon enough there will be really cold days with snow (yuck) and wind...winter is coming....

But in the meantime, I'm so glad fall's finally here.  I hope you find some fun festive things to do during this beautiful season!

Happy First Day of Fall!

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