Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dinner in Healdsburg

After our crazy day on the coast, we were starving, and headed to Healdsburg for some dinner.

Healdsburg is a wonderful town with beautiful shops and some of the best restaurants in the county.  We had reservations at Scopa for 7:30, but wanted to see if we could get in early.  The line of 20 waiting when they opened told us to keep the reservations, and get a snack elsewhere.  First, though, I wanted to poke around the shops!  We found this great one called Clutch...and wandered in...

I had been looking for a Longchamp bag.  I was having trouble deciding on large or medium, and on a color.  So husband and I looked at them (they had a huge selection) and decided on large and black.  It would be the most versatile and great for traveling.  We were about to wander on, and I decided I was ready to buy it!  And I would much rather support a small, local shop than Nordstrom's (sorry Adam!).  As part of my birthday present, mom had given me the money to go pick out the one I I bought it!!!  (Thanks Mom!)  It's my first....and won't be my only!  I'm already thinking about my second...  

I used it on the trip home and LOVE it.  It holds so much!  Yes, Emily, I know we totally made fun of these when I was in England, but I'm telling you.  I love it.  Now I just have to figure out how to best 'use' the bag - things seem to get lost in it!

Anyway.  Bag in hand, we stopped at Healdsburg Bar and Grill and pulled up a chair at the bar.  We each enjoyed a Russian River Brewing Damnation and some snacks...we had yummy chorizo fritters and their delicious garlic fries.  We've been to HBG a few times before, and knew about the fries...they're amazing.  

After relaxing for a bit, we walked back to Scopa on the other side of the square, and took our seats.  The place is tiny, and was packed! 

One of our favorite things to do is to get an appetizer, salad, and entree and share everything.  That way we get to try several different tings.  We had the Burrata cheese with toasted bread - it was delicious - and a fresh salad to start.  Then we had an amazing sausage and cheese pasta pictures aren't great because I don't like to use a flash in a restaurant (just taking the pictures makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, that's why I don't do it often).  

Even blurry, just look at all that amazing cheesy yumminess.  Mmm hmmm.....

Scopa was great - definitely put it on your list and be sure to make reservations way ahead of your visit!  

Thursday was Dry Creek Valley with some awesome winery visits and amazing dinner in Santa Rosa...


  1. Brother in law used to be the chef there - and Unti is a great bottle - we took a bunch home with us after our last visit....

  2. Your post makes me want a longchamp bag! I'm debating getting one before I go to Seattle for a conference in October.

  3. Ok, I would not use my Longchamp as a daily bag, but it is perfect for travel. I conquer losing things by using smaller bags, etc. inside. For example all makeup related things go in a clutch, papers for travel in a travel wallet, etc.

    PS-It was a perfect carry-all for the football game last weekend!

  4. I wish you could have heard me gasp when I saw the picture and hadnt scrolled down yet!

    I totally want to get the 'tour' when you bring it to Barcelona!