Saturday, January 9, 2016


'Tap tap'.... 'tap tap'... Hello?  Is this thing on, can anyone hear me?  'tap tap tap'.....

Happy 2016!  My goodness where did last year go?!  I checked the date of my last blog post and it was the middle of last February!  Whoops.  I've been thinking lately about starting back up - I really enjoy having a bit of a recap, even if it's just for me!  So.  Here we go!

First, let's start with a very quick of a recap of 2015, since my last post.  We had a fabulous 2015 with friends and family!  We visited friends and explored new places in North Carolina, Florida, Cancun, went to Maryland for DelFest, plus California, Maine, Texas, and more; plus we traveled a ton for work, and worked a ton..., and we capped off the year with a 19 day trip to Australia before the holidays.  We celebrated weddings, new babies, birthdays, and our 8th anniversary.  It was certainly a whirlwind!

I'm sure I'll do some Australia posts about our trip.  Plus, people always ask me how's the house - it's great!  We haven't done too much since the kitchen and other projects.  My old computer crashed around the time the project finished, so I never did a kitchen final post with photos - that's on my list of posts to write, too.

And with that, here's to a great 2016... and a new resolution to post on this blog more, and we'll just see where this goes.


  1. Woohoo! So excited to see an update! Sounds like 2015 was fabulous and I know 2016 will be the same.

  2. Yes, blog more about your fabulous trips please!