Monday, February 9, 2015

Now you see them...

We have never loved the 2 big crepe myrtles at the front door.  You may remember, last winter I attempted to at least trim them to a more manageable size...   It didn't really help.  They are huge, block the house, and are messy.  Plus...they just aren't terribly pretty when it comes to crepes.  I love crepe myrtles, but these just weren't doin' it for us...

We had talked about moving them, hoping they'd be a little more tame, but it just wasn't happening.  M got a chain saw for Christmas...and put it to good use last weekend!!

Amazing the difference!

M dug up the stumps, too.  We have big plans for the front yard and removing a few more plants and extending the grass back a bit, and adding back in a few plants that are more evergreen, colorful, and not as random!  

We can't get over the difference - and don't know why we waited so long to make the change! 

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