Thursday, August 8, 2013

A few good books

With all of the traveling I'm doing for work this summer, I've decided I want to start reading books again.  I go through spurts where I'm totally into books, one after another, usually based on blogs' or friends' recommendations.  Then I get one that's not so great, and I get stuck...and usually, months will go by before I pick up another one.  So with the long plane time this summer, and having just packed and moved all of the unread books I own, I'm on a mission to get through, or get rid of, some of these books!

This week on my overnight trip to Kansas City, I started and finished Violets of March by Sarah Jio.

Rarely can I get through a book in just one or 2 sittings, especially without falling asleep, but I literally read this from wheels up to landing on the way home yesterday.  A young girl, who's just signed divorce papers, travels to Washington State to visit her aunt and put herself back together.  While there, she discovers a story about her family and the island that she never knew, and renews her spirit at the same time.  It was a great love story with a bit of mystery tied in.  I really couldn't put it down.

Earlier this year I read another one by Sarah Jio, The Bungalow, which I absolutely recommend too.  Another love story combined with a bit of mystery, this one is about 2 young girls who fly to the South Pacific during WWII to be nurses on a base in Bora Bora.  It's a great story, and an easy read.

Also, while on another trip a few weeks ago, I read Girls in White Dresses, thanks to a recommendation from my bff Lola.  She texted me the entire time she was reading it, laughing and telling me how these girls were totally us.  The story is about young, 20-somethings and all of the weddings they go to, and all of the new babies their friends have.  Really a charming story, and a great beach read!

Now, do I order another one by one of these authors from Amazon, or do what I originally set out to do and read one that's already on my shelves...hmmm...

Have you read any good books lately??


  1. Read one on your shelves!

  2. All of these look good. I haven't read a book since having my baby five months ago but Found you via the Beltway Bloggers list, love finding other DC area bloggers!
    definitely need to.