Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Orleans, take 2

As you may remember, I spent about 12 days in New Orleans back in March for our annual conference and a couple of fun days following.  

Well, apparently that wasn't enough because in May I hopped on a plane and headed back, this time with 2 of my favorite Elon friends.  Sara had a conference there this time, so we used the excuse to go hang out for the weekend!  Josh had never been to Nola, so we had a great time showing him around town! 


Frozen Irish Coffee from Erin Rose, Covington Strawberry Ale, and breakfast biscuits from Johnny's.  We had drinks at the Sazarac, Carousel bar, and the Napoleon House.  We ate at Dominica and Red Fish.  And we wandered around town, enjoying the sites and sounds! 

One of my favorite cities, and what a fun crazy weekend with these two!  When do y'all wanna go back?! :)

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