Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring sidewalk project

Through the winter months, we haven't been too ambitious with any house projects...not since we finally finished the kitchen cabinets.  But as the weather turned warmer, it was time to get some things done in the front yard.  

This is not exactly what I had in mind...and wasn't anything I wanted to mess with....but now that it's finished, I will admit that it looks good, and is probably best...

Right.  Now that I got that out of the way.  

With a cracked stone, we were going to have to do a little fixing...but H decided that he wasn't satisfied with just a 'little' fixing.  He wanted to 'do it right.'  So.  Right we did it.  We he dug and dug, moved the dirt clay, then we had a little mishap with tarps and rain...put down a couple layers of gravel, and then sand, and finally the new stones and some smaller rocks.  We've already had a big rain, and nothing washed away - always a good sign!  

I can't really take any credit for this, as it wasn't my idea, and I only did about 1/4 of the work that H did.  But...it's finished, we don't have to walk up the grass and through the bushes to get to the door anymore, or track orange clay into the house.  And hopefully we won't have any more cracked stones! 

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  1. That is a lot of hard work! I know! We did that patio in the backyard of the old house. ! 1-2 weekend project turned into 6 weeks of slave labor including working 1-2 hours each night after work hauling rocks and clay! Good for you guys! Tell the husband that we know his pain, but it looks great!!!