Friday, January 6, 2012

Graffiato and Chef Isabella

A couple of weeks ago, husband and I finally made it downtown to Graffiato, the new (kinda new) restaurant by Top Chef star Mike Isabella.  We are huge Top Chef fans, and were so excited to go there.  The evening definitely did not disappoint. 

The place was absolutely packed.  The bar and the restaurant were mobbed - always a good sign!  M was excited to see DC Brau on the draft line, and I had their draft prosecco, which was very good!

We've been to several other restaurants with 'celebrity chefs' and have always had bum luck that the chef wasn't there that night.  WELL!  My bad streak has ended!!  

M went to the bathroom while I got drinks, and when he got back he told me I needed to go too, with a little grin on his face.  So, I worked my way through the crowd and as I got to the back of the restaurant  where the final line is...there he was!

My stalker cell phone picture!

I happened to literally almost bump into him, and took that opportunity to say hi!  Not know for my shyness, I knew I had to introduce myself.  And I'm pretty sure I giggled like a school girl, I was so excited to actually be meeting him!  

He was absolutely as nice and genuine as could be.  We chatted for a few minutes about Graffiato and his new Mexican place to open this coming spring.  We talked about Bryan and Spike, some of the other Top Chefs who are in DC, and how great it is to have so many awesome up and coming chefs in this area.  He was so gracious and nice, it was so great to talk with him for a few minutes.  

I finally said goodbye and let him get back to work...

After a few more minutes back in the bar, our buzzer rang and we followed the hostess upstairs to another very crowded dinning room.  The idea of the menu is big tapas to share.  We had a hard time narrowing it down!  The waitress was very nice and helpful.  

The wine list is pretty interesting with several different regions and varietals represented.  It is though, in my opinion, a little pricey.  M opted to stick with the DC Brau, and I had a couple of glasses of a nice Dolcetto from Piedmont, Italy. 

For dinner, we went with the famous peperoni sauce, 2 cheeses and 1 meat, the broccolini, thChestnut Agnolotti with butternut squash, the wild boar, and one of the specials - spaghetti carbonara of sorts with pork belly.  Everything was just delicious. 

Plus the playlist was a great mix of 90's rock music - we both found ourselves singing along!

We had a great time at Graffiato and can't wait to go back.  

If I have one piece of advice for you - don't order everything at once.  Our waitress assured us that even if we did, it would come out spaced with enough time between dishes...that didn't happen.  We felt like we were scarfing down things to make room for the next plate.  So next time we'll just be sure to order a dish and wait a bit, maybe until it comes, before ordering the next one.  With the pace of dishes, it felt a bit rushed, but otherwise everything was delicious! 

Put it on your list for next time you're looking for a great, fun and delicious restaurant in Gallery Place.  And be watching for his next restaurant in Georgetown, Bandolera.  

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  1. I cant believe you didn't score a tour of the kitchen! :)

    Looks and sounds yummy!