Monday, October 31, 2011

La Boqueria

One afternoon, we took some time wandering around the Mercat de Sant Josep, which is right off of La Rambla.  The place was mobbed, both with tourists and locals alike. 

This market originally opened in 1827.  It was closed in 1835 and then rebuilt in 1840.  Some of the stalls and vendors are 3rd and 4th generation.  

 Since it's so centrally located to one of the main tourist areas, it's probably the busiest and most well known market in town.

The seafood was fresh out of the sea, some of it was still moving sitting on the ice!

Along with food stands selling everything from vegetables and fruit to rabbit and seafood, there are also several bars scattered throughout the market.  Some were serving meals, and others were simply a gathering spot for friends.

We had these peppers at dinner on Sunday night and they were absolutely delicious!

Despite the huge crowds, we had a great time exploring La Boqueria.  The European markets are so special, and really great places to visit when you're traveling!

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