Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes world, I'm still here

Where does the time go?!  The last post I wrote was over 2 weeks ago!  I apologize to the few readers that I have on a regular's just that time of year.  "Conference time."

This past Wednesday we put 15,000 lbs of freight on an 18-wheeler headed for the largest Marriott in the world in Orlando, Florida.  And that is the official unofficial kick off.  It will be delivered to us next Wednesday, just after about 25 of our staff members arrive at the hotel.  We will then spend the next 24 hours frantically setting up - unpacking auction items, idea fair boards, setting up offices, getting registration and the pro shop open.  The members begin arriving Thursday, and that day at noon, the show begins.  Weeks and months are spent preparing for what we call our Member-Guest.  It's when we become the club managers hosting our members at 'our club.'  There will be over 80 education sessions, on everything from child labor laws to wine education, social networking to food management.  There will be a trade show for 2 days.  There will be a silent wine auction, featuring over 1,000 bottles.  Friday evening, 2,000 of us will head to the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our networking event, complete with rides, fish and chips and butter beer.  The auction that I run is Saturday night - I've got over 70 items and almost 700 people registered.  There will be a live band, photo booths, and a martini bar.  But not too much fun will be had, because the next morning is a 5k run to benefit the Special Olympics of Florida, complete with the Biggest Loser Patrick House in attendance.  We have several people from each of the 13 Corporate Partner companies attending.  There will be over 100 international managers from literally all over the world.  There will be dinners, receptions, and lots of networking.  There will be many late nights, few meals eaten, and too many alarms set for 4:30am.  There is a blue blazer, several pairs of khaki pants and the ugliest brown shoes you can find.  And then, at 6:45pm next Monday night, we as staff will stand in a line, and say good bye, see you in New Orleans, and wave to our members, sending them back to their clubs energized, motivated and rearing to go.

It's an insane week.  The weeks leading up to it are insane.  But it is so much fun once it begins.  It's truly our member-guest.

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  1. I am glad to know you're still here. I was about to put out an APB for you. xx