Monday, February 8, 2016


One of the absolute musts while we were in Australia was to see a kangaroo.  And NOT in a zoo, in real-life habitat.  I said this to my friend Ben a time or two, and he nonchalantly said that he was sure we'd see one somewhere.  Well - did we ever!  The grounds of the Yering Gorge Cottages were full of them!!  It was fabulous. 

They have these kangaroo crossing signs all over Yarra Valley. 

Our first night there when we saw them just down from our cottage in the field, we were so excited.    See kangaroos, Check!  And lots of them, too!  

The morning we were supposed to go on the hot air balloon ride that was canceled, we ended up having a very quite, relaxing morning sitting on our porch, having breakfast with the kangaroos!  It was really amazing, and wild how close they were!  Little did we know how much they'd really be around, just hanging out!

There are 2 albino kangaroos on the property, and we got to see one - Ben was really excited we saw one as they're very rare. 

It was around the time where the moms were kicking the joeys (or johnnys, as M kept calling them) out of the nest, so to say.  So we'd see them kinda fighting with each other when the babies wanted to crawl in the pouch.  They were very sweet to watch together. 

We even got to see close up how a joey actually hops into the pouch!

Can you imagine?!

Meanwhile, dad's just lounging around...

Hope you enjoyed our little peak into our new kangaroo friends' lives! to Sydney!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that's awesome! And crazy how big they can be and still ride in mom's pouch! They really are odd looking creatures aren't they?? Thanks for sharing! xoxo, e