Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitchen finale!

I know I haven't talked much about our home projects or our kitchen redo since July, but I have some new reports for you.  I'm incredibly late getting to this, but...better late than never!

You might recognize this picture from right after we finished the July.  Well, for the rest of the summer and into the fall, this is what my kitchen looked like.  We were actually really getting used to not having to open or close cabinet doors!

And our lower level looked like this...for months.  With 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint on each side of the doors, this turned out to be quite an intense process.  That was after the filling of holes and cracks and drilling of new holes for the new hinges.

Once the doors were finished, husband prepped the bases of the cabinets in the kitchen while I was away at Homecoming.  He filled the existing hinge holes, cleaned and sanded everything, covered everything in plastic and put tape along the shelf edges and other places we wanted to protect. 

I took the opportunity to touch up some other eye sores, like our pantry door.  I knew it was ugly, but I'm not sure I ever realized just HOW ugly - this is just primer on it, and look at the difference!! 

Plus, the bottoms of the cabinets were brown.  Like, dark brown.  I'm hoping that I've finally covered everything that used to be brown in our house with a better color. 

Then we had to hang the doors.  This wasn't as bad as it sounds, but was still a chore.  We both said several times if we'd realized how BIG of a project this was, we would have just torn them out and bought all new from Ikea or somewhere like that...

But we do love the result.  We have new hinges, the hidden hinges, which really make a difference.  M was determined to change the hinges, and I didn't really think it would matter - but it gives the kitchen a more modern, cleaner feel.  We also replaced all of the hardware - so from a darker metal to a nice brushed nickel.  They look great with the stainless steal.  It's quite a change, and we're definitely glad it's finished! 

Before the big reveal, lets remember...

Before...look at that AWFUL refrigerator! Ugh.

And now!

We really love it.  The new appliances are beautiful, and I love the cupped drawer pulls.  I've always wanted those!  Sorry it took so long to do this post, but even with the elapsed time I wanted to show you the finished product!

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